A new orangery provides a fine townhouse extension

Townhouse Orangery | Architect for Canonbury | North London

A fine Islington townhouse is being refurbished and enlarged. Currently, the raised ground floor entrance is detached from the main body of the house and re-establishes a new hierarchy for the house, which will reengage the lower floors. The main requirement is a new larger kitchen, which will be extended on the first floor to form an orangery extension. The additional space provided to the first floor will allow for a new dining room to be incorporated to the kitchen. To the top of the house the roof is being converted to form two additional bedrooms and new shower room. A panoramic loft room will provide framed views overlooking the city and the orangery will express themselves externally as a series dual pitched roofs providing considered massing to the rear of the house and avoid an overbearing boxy development to the rear.