A childhood retreat is to be rebuilt as a legacy for the family in Nice, France.

New Build House | Architects for Les Issambres | Nice, France

Forrester architects are working with London based interior designer Callender Howorth on a new build house in Les Issambres, Nice, France. The new house is set in the landscape due to the rolling terrain and the changes in level across the site are dramatic. A series of interlinked pavilions are proposed and are cut into the natural fall in the landscape. The cuts in the landscape provide routes to and around the house and the changes in level provide natural terraced areas for sitting, eating and relaxing. The garden landscapes beyond the terraces provide a dialogue between the inside and outside of the house.

The land on which the house sits is long established, well located and highly desirable. It has been in the family for over thirty years and the house and the land could be sold in its current undeveloped state. The house in its current state is close to a state of disrepair and will be demolished. In its current state it seems to patch and repair the house will be problematic with only the lower ground floor capable of being retained without falling down during the refurbishment works.

In essence a more cost effective route would be to demolish the house and rebuild. This option will result in a larger new-build house with improved modern construction techniques and will offer to be an investment for the younger generations of the family.

Current property sales indicate that a 5 bed Villa property in the location are on the market listed in the region of £3m.  Forrester architects  have designed a house to suit the family’s requirements and provide accommodation for the whole family when holidays and gatherings are organised throughout the year.

When the house is not required it can be offered to the rental market. Currently a 5 bed Villa will provide a rental income of circa 5000 euros per week.