Absent_The School Library!

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A school in Hackney has lost its library to the IT room. If you thought a school was built around the library then things have changed since you were at school. Thankfully the new Head Teacher is going to change this and has asked a few parents to reestablish the library so the children can enjoy and focus on reading. Sant Design Studio together with forresterarchitects are pleased to be helping.

A design feasibility proposal has been approved and the library works will be carried out over the Easter half-term. With only the four walls of the classroom remaining we’re starting from first principles. In keeping with the rapidly changing times there will be a mixture of paper and electronic media to keep up with evolving technologies. Bespoke furniture will be arranged to create three informal reading zones with easy access to the book shelving. The bookshelves are made to be accessible to all ages and heights and when needed by a full classroom the library the bookshelves can be moved aside to allow a large seating area focussed on the whiteboard. The aim is to provide a library that reflects the school ethos_to inspire, develop and nurture every child to have the confidence to learn.