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A new double height art gallery to a house refurbishment in Hampstead

House Refurbishment | Architect for Belsize Park | Camden, North London

A new gallery space forms part of the brief to a new full house refurbishment in Belsize Park, London. The house is tired but retains some interesting period features to the wall frieze and ceilings. It does however need to be extended to provide an appropriate level of accommodation for entertaining. A key requirement of the brief is to provide an art gallery for the client and it seems a double height space to the rear of the house is well suited. The rear elevation aims to reconnect the house with the garden and provide a unique architectural solution.

To the top of the house the windows are under-sized and the bedroom spaces seem a secondary consideration. We aim to open the roof space to provide a modern loft style environment to provide a more enlivened environment for the children. The master bedroom will occupy the first floor in its entirety with new bathroom, dressing room and study provided with great views over the city of London.


An Inside Outside Garden

Garden Room | Architects for South London | Forrester Architects

We’re bringing the garden in from the cold. Our client’s love of their long mature garden has resulted in an innovative garden room design proposal to the rear of their semi-detached house in South London. The original London brickwork facade will undulate along its length to bring the garden into the new kitchen and dining room space. The undulating form provides glimpses of the garden in all directions along its length and results in a fine garden room.


A view from our new loft space in South London

New Loft Office | Architecture for South London | Bermondsey

We’ve moved into a new loft style penthouse office in Bermondsey. With all sorts of exciting opportunities to look forward to we are sharing our space and working on a several projects with our friends and colleagues interior designer Callender Howorth. The former tannery is going through an extensive but sensitive refurbishment. The exposed beam ceiling and timber floors remain, as do the steel framed windows but overall it’s a very considered redevelopment.



Peek over the parapet

Infill Parapet Extension | Architecture for Tufnell Park | Islington

A new infill extension to a townhouse in Tufnell Park, Islington takes a sneaky peek over the parapet wall to catch the setting sun. The extension is set within a fine mature garden. The new kitchen has been relocated to frame views of the garden. To the West the sun setting is framed with a high level skylight which catches the warm setting sun.


Avoid the conventional and there is no Downside!

House Refurbishment  | Architecture for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

The fine semi-detached Villa’s of Belsize Park, North London are closely built houses. Separated by only the small side passages between them they conceal almost secret garden environments beyond. Only the neighbouring houses seemingly form a boundary to the gardens, which are long, wide and mature in foliage. This is the setting for our latest full house refurbishment. The client wanted the house to feel better connected to the garden.

An accordion arrangement is explored as a concept for the extension. A series of angled facets have been used to establish a notional hierarchy to the kitchen. Expressed as solid and void walls the facets provide a level of transparency and privacy between the house, garden and the neighbours beyond. The staggered configuration of the extension creates framed views of the garden and provides a unique architectural solution for an extension and avoids an uninspired full width house extension. The shift in geometry allows the extension to reveal a series of layered materials to reach out and touch the garden, all contained beneath the asymmetrical roof form. The roof is formed in timber and painted with a special Swedish preservative paint treatment that produces a beautiful matt red finish. The roof projects beyond the building edge to provide a simple solar shading device to the southeasterly aspect of the extension.


A secret cottage in the garden

Cottage Refurbishment  | Architecture for Camden | Highgate, North West London

It’s not often you find a cottage in your garden but my client’s have just that on purchasing their house in Highgate. That said it has remained under utilised over the years. It is now time for some upgrading and the cottage is to be enlivened to provide stand alone accommodation for the in-laws. When not used by guests it will retain a certain amount of flexibility to provide a study area for the client’s daughters and their friends to come by and do school work together. In the evening it will be used as a party venue following dinner parties or simply where they can watch a film. The provision of a sliding partition wall internally will allow the cottage to be subdivided into dedicated areas to provide privacy when necessary. The mezzanine will be orientated to run the length of the cottage. It will remain as a visual connection to the ground floor and provide a dedicated study area with additional bedroom space. To assist in the flexibility of the space clever joinery will be incorporated to conceal the beds discreetly when not in use.


Our nonconformist house extension is shortlisted for Don’t Move, Improve! 2016

Don’t Move Improve | Architect for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

Our Harcombe house extension in Stoke Newington has been shortlisted by New London Architecture for a Don’t Move Improve 2016 award.

A modern interpretation of the London Roof it provides a modern and unique language for the rear of the mid terraced house. Internally the roof structure is expressed as exposed timber rafter with a plywood ceiling which adds a simple but natural warmth to the interior. The roof construction avoids the traditional cold roof construction of slate tile; instead a single ply polymeric roof membrane is used to provide a well insulated lightweight warm roof construction.

As part of the reconfiguration works the kitchen has moved into the middle of the house floor plan. A new open plan galley kitchen provides  connection between the lounge to the rear and the dining room which has now moved to the front bay windowed room. The dining room is now perfectly orientated for the early morning sun-rise to the East and ideal for breakfast. A large hexagonal glass window frames views of the small urban garden from the living room to the West.

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A new lease of life for a fine Art Deco mansion block flat.

Art Deco Refurbishment| Architect for Wandsworth | Balham, South West London

forresterarchitects have submitted a remodelling proposal for a mansion block refurbishment in a fine Art Deco building in Balham. The existing configuration was fine but a number of issues were problematic and need to be resolved. A new kitchen layout and reconfigured bathrooms were a priority for the client.


Asymmetrically arranged windows overlook a mews house courtyard garden in Belsize Park.

Mews House | Architect for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

A long established ivy meanders across the garden courtyard and provides a wonderful secret garden to the rear of a mews house. The lounge windows are juxtaposed asymmetrically to the rear facade overlooking the garden. Enlarged and arranged to take advantage of the fine views to the south-facing aspect overlooking Primrose Hill provide a double height living space with natural daylight throughout the day.



Absent_The School Library!

School Library | Architects for Hackney | forrester architects

A school in Hackney has lost its library to the IT room. If you thought a school was built around the library then things have changed since you were at school. Thankfully the new Head Teacher is going to change this and has asked a few parents to reestablish the library so the children can enjoy and focus on reading. Sant Design Studio together with forresterarchitects are pleased to be helping.

A design feasibility proposal has been approved and the library works will be carried out over the Easter half-term. With only the four walls of the classroom remaining we’re starting from first principles. In keeping with the rapidly changing times there will be a mixture of paper and electronic media to keep up with evolving technologies. Bespoke furniture will be arranged to create three informal reading zones with easy access to the book shelving. The bookshelves are made to be accessible to all ages and heights and when needed by a full classroom the library the bookshelves can be moved aside to allow a large seating area focussed on the whiteboard. The aim is to provide a library that reflects the school ethos_to inspire, develop and nurture every child to have the confidence to learn.



A non-conformist London roof returns to Stoke Newington.

Rear Extension and House Refurbishment | Architects for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

forresterarchitects have completed a full house refurbishment  to a fine Victorian terraced house in Stoke Newington.  The house had not been decorated for many years and a refurbishment with rear extension was well overdue.  A new  non-conformist rear extension was proposed. A modern interpretation of the London Roof provides the extension with a unique language for the house. Internally the roof structure is expressed as exposed timber joist with a plywood ceiling which adds a simple but natural warmth to the interior. The roof construction avoids the traditional cold roof construction of slate tile and rafter and instead uses a single ply polymeric roof membrane to provide a lightweight well insulated warm roof construction. A large hexagonal glass window frames views of the small urban garden from the living room.  As part of the reconfiguration works the kitchen has been moved into the middle of the house floor plan  with an new open plan galley kitchen providing a connection between the lounge to the rear extension and the dining room which has moved to the front bay windowed room.  The dining room is now perfectly orientated for the early morning sun-rise to the East and perfect for breakfast. Other works to the house involved the conversion of the original roof space to provide a traditional loft conversion which adds a new floor of accommodation for guests. A wet-room shower room which has been located cleverly on the top floor landing to avoid losing any bedroom space allows the top floor a certain degree of self-sufficency. The house was originally configured as a three bedroom house now provides five bedrooms.  As part of the refurbishments works the entire house has been rewired with new plumbing throughout. Each room has been provided with hardwired CAT 5 data connectivity which has reduced the reliance on a poor wi-fi signal quality through thick Victorian walls.


Listed Building Consent for a Grade II Church in Denmark Hill.

Listed Building Consent | Architects for Southwark | Denmark Hill, South East London

forresterarchitects have recently submitted Listed Building Consent for the interior refurbishment of a Grade II Chapel. The project proposes the installation of an replacement screen within the existing interior of the Chapel entrance foyer. The proposed screen configuration will remain as the current screen, with large double doors that open onto the Lobby from the Church Meeting Room.

The new, sympathetically designed, foyer screen improves visibility between the Meeting Room and the Entrance Foyer and establishes a welcoming connectivity to the Chapel. Given the historic setting within Chapel, the proposed screen has been designed to be a sympathetic addition, being both carefully proportioned and made from high-quality materials. The design will comprise of oak frames and polished- brass detailing to ensure that the lobby would enhance the visual and architectural character of the existing vestibule.

Significantly the proposal has been designed to have a minimal impact on the existing fabric of the building. Sustainability has been considered as part of the submission. It is clearly more difficult in historic buildings but it is possible for sensitive interventions such as that proposed screen to make incremental and significant improvements to the overall building fabric. Previous Improvements have been installed in Grove Chapel’s desire to reduce heat losses and increase the energy efficiency of the building, while retaining a welcoming appearance to visitors of the Chapel.


A duplex refurbishment to a second penthouse in St Johns Wood.

Duplex Penthouse Refurbishment | Architects for Westminster | St John’s Wood, North West London

A second penthouse in a prestigious duplex refurbishment, located in St. John’s Wood, North West London has been completed by forresterarchitects. The same client, as the previous penthouse refurbishment, has purchased a second apartment as an investment property. It too required a fresh approach to enliven this luxury penthouse apartment which is configured as a duplex apartment. A simple muted palette is adopted to suit to the client’s taste. As with the previous refurbishment an open plan configuration is retained. In Starck contrast to the opulence of the previous Rococo interior a sleek modern approach provides vitality to this desirable apartment.


An new feature wall to an Art Deco flat.

 Art Deco Flat Refurbishment | Architects for Wandsworth | Balham, South West London

forresterarchitects have remodelled a third floor flat in a fine Art Deco flat to a fine mansion block in Balham. The existing configuration was fine but a number of issues were problematic and need to be resolved. A feature wall provides a central focus for the flat which  you can circumnavigate to access a new kitchen layout and reconfigured bathrooms which were a priority for the client.


A double height lounge added to a mews house refurbishment in the Eton Conservation Area.

Mews House Refurbishment | Architects for Camden | Belsize Park, North West London

forresterarchitects have submitted a design feasibility study for a mews house refurbishment in the Eton Conservation Area, Belsize Park in North West London.

Currently configured as an unremarkable two bedroom house it is dated and has not been refurbished since it was originally built in the 1970’s. The bedrooms are long and badly proportioned. The window are mean and internally the natural daylighting is poor.

Each mews house was originally configured with an integral garage space next to the front door. Over time the planning department has allowed the removal of the garage space. All the other mews houses have over time converted their garage into a bedroom or lounge space to improve the layout of the house. The courtyard to the front of the Mews is now everyone’s preferred car parking space. This was our client’s initial requirement but there were other opportunities

The house is arranged over three floors. The kitchen as originally intended will remain on the ground floor. A small under stair WC will be removed to create an open floor plan layout between the new bedroom and kitchen. The kitchen will be re-planned to engage more directly with the small courthyard garden which enjoys a bright south facing aspect. A long established ivy covers the garden courtyard and provides a wonderful secret garden to the rear of the house. The lounge windows overlooking the garden are to be enlarged and arranged to take advantage of the fine views to the south-facing aspect overlooking Primrose Hill.

The upper floors accommodate a lounge and the other two bedrooms. As part of the refurbishment each bedroom is re-planned with an ensuite with specialist wardrobe and storage joinery and provides warmth and character to each floor. The relatively small lounge is dramatically improved by a double height lounge space with the structural rafters of the roof exposed. In addition the timber rafters are complimented by a new feature staircase which rises within the double height lounge to provide access to each bedroom. Bespoke timber screen offer varying levels of privacy between the bedroom and lounge.


Stay tidy. A bachelor pad with extensive bespoke storage solutions.

House Refurbishment | Architects for Camden | Primrose Hill, North West London

forresterarchitects have provided a design feasibility study for the house refurbishment of a duplex apartment in Primrose Hill.  The duplex flat is part of a modern privately owned purpose-built development in the fashionable area in North London. As a bachelor the client was able to indulged his needs with specific requirements to keep the place tidy. The flat layout was simple. The design proposal employs extensive bespoke storage solutions to create living wall solutions to maximise on space. Sliding doors avoid taking up valuable space but also allow for an open plan feel when left in the open.


A house refurbishment with new basement floor in Stoke Newington.

House Refurbishment with Basement | Architecture for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

A large Victorian house in Stoke Newington, North London has not been refurbished since it purchase by the clients, ten years previous.  During this period the house suffered from student occupation and was tired. The upper floors were bowed and only one bathroom served a four bedroom house. A full house refurbishment was proposed with the requirement of a full width rear extension. In addition a low engineered basement was added to the existing home and was accepted as a viable solution to the client’s storage and utility requirements without compromising the enlargement of the kitchen. A projecting window seat was a key feature to the rear extension design proposal. In addition a fully glazed roof-light  provided a bright modern kitchen overlooking a modest garden. A guest shower-room located on the top floor landing provided a simple design solution without compromising the top bedrooms. A simple monochromatic palette was adopted throughout with fixtures and fittings providing flashes of colour.  A muted palette provided the most suitable background for the clients extensive art collection.

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A cool loft in fashionable North London features in House & Garden.

London Listed Architect | Architecture for London | forrester architects

 forresterarchitects have designed a cool minimalist interior loft conversion which has just been published in the definitive guide to stylish living, House & Garden. It’s not your typical dormer solution. An additional storey was required to a Victorian mid-terraced house but an inspired client required ‘their’ space to be defined at the top of the house. Leaving the chaos of the school day behind the loft provides them with panoramic views of the city roofscape topped only by a large glass oval rooflight overhead which slides open to reveal a sparkling moonlit sky.


We are listed in the international design magazine House & Garden exclusively for the London area.

House & Garden Feature | Architects for London | Forrester Architects

forresterarchitects are listed in the international design and decoration magazine House & Garden exclusively as architects in the London area. The design masterclass directory provides an interactive source of all the information you will need to renovate or build your own home. A number of high-profile projects by the practice across Central London have brought our to the attention of this definitive guide to stylish living.


An investment property refurbishment in the Cornwall Conservation Area.

Investment Property | Architects for Kensington & Chelsea | Cornwall Conservation Area, West London

forresterarchitects are involved in the refurbishment of an apartment in a large garden square townhouse in West London. The proposal aims to reconfigure the internal layout which is in a poor condition and in need of modernisation. The apartment is currently configured as a one-bedroom apartment with one bathroom providing sanitary provision. The layout is configured as a modern one-bedroom apartment. The kitchen will remain open plan in layout to the living-room space and new sanitary provision will consist of one large bathroom. The property will provide a substantial rental income for the client.


A long overdue refurbishment complete with new basement floor is added to a Villa in the Mercers Conservation Area.

Conservation Refurbishment | London Borough of Islington | Mercers Conservation Area, North London

One of our commercial client’s has retained our services for the full internal and external conservation refurbishment of their fine Victorian villa in Tufnell Park, North London. The brief was to conserve and enhance the original period features of the house. This involved the reinstatement of lost decorative features and decorating with paints from a Victorian palette to compliment the character of the house.

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Yoo Hoo! A luxury refurbishment to an penthouse in St. John’s Wood.

Penthouse Refurbishment | Architects for Westminster | St John’s Wood, North West London

A prestigious residential development located in St. John’s Wood North West London requires a fresh approach to enliven this luxury penthouse apartment. A simple muted palette was more suited to the client’s tastes. A large open plan configuration is in Starck contrast to the opulence of the previous Rococo interior. A luxury refurbishment offers secret doors beyond the main living spaces conceal the other bedrooms each with its own private bathroom.


A mansion block refurbishment is reconfigured in the Bloomsbury Conservation Area.

Mansion Block Refurbishment | Architects for Camden | Bloomsbury Conservation Area, West Central London

forresterarchitects have completed the reconfiguration of a mansion block refurbishment in the Bloomsbury Conservation Area. The flat is large and wide with a lightwell central to bedrooms. The light levels to the flat even with a south facing aspect were inadequate. The reconfiguration of the flat involved making the flat feel more open plan. Large sliding doors were introduced to the living and kitchen rooms which allowed the south-facing light to flood into the living room and artist’s studio. The bathrooms were modernised and fine joinery wardrobes were added to the bedrooms. A new kitchen layout involved the incorporation of the larder which increased the overall area of the kitchen.


Four new build houses realise the full potential of an inner city brownfield site.

New Build Houses | Architecture for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

forresterarchitects have completed four new build houses in Stoke Newington, North London. Four innovative interlocking townhouses form the perimeter boundary to a centralised courtyard development on a tight urban brown field site. Traditional construction techniques are to be employed to compliment a palette modern materials to achieve highly insulated construction values.

The site was tight and the context varied dramatically to each side of the site. A clever design proposal comprises of four new-build houses, which interlock to form an intimate courtyard development. The new-build development offers a unique and positive contribution to the urban environment as each house type offers an unconventional layout due to the site constraints.

The exterior of the four interlocking house are simple brick constructions with oversized windows. The upper floors are spacious double-height living rooms with an abundance of daylight and framed views of the local environment. Each of the open plan kitchens has direct access to a private external terrace, which are located between each house. Bespoke Italian kitchen designs provide a focus for open plan living and a spiral staircase leads to a mezzanine gallery level, which overlooks the main living space.

All bedroom accommodation is located on the ground floor. Each bedroom is provided with modest courtyards, which provide each room with their own outside space. Each bedroom has a full tiled private bathroom or shower-room complete with sleek, modern fittings.

The courtyard provides car parking for each resident and is expressed as a simple white band of render to each block.

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A sliding glass roof is added to a Victorian terrace in Stoke Newington.

Sliding Glass Roof Conversion | Architects for Hackney | Stoke Newington, North London

forresterarchitects have completed a new modern roof conversion to a mid-terrace Victorian house in Stoke Newington, London. The house has been extended into the roof-space to provide an additional master bedroom and shower-room for a growing family. A cool white interior is complimented with flashes of colour and views across the city. As the sun passes over head the sliding oval roof-light animates the interior space throughout the day and offers unrestricted bedtime stargazing in the late evening.


Art decoration.

Galley Kitchen Refurbishment and Extension | Architects for Brent | Queens Park, North West London

forresterarchitects have completed a full house refurbishment to a striking art-deco house in North West London. The works involved significant remodelling to the rear of the house to provide a fully reconfigured galley kitchen and dining area. Folding-sliding doors form a centralised courtyard which  provides easy access to the landscaped garden beyond. A new garden to the front and a newly rendered facade provide a fresh invigorated  frontage to the street.